Posted on: January 6, 2010 11:24 pm

What a travesty

Sorry to be so brash but how in the hell does Barry Larkin or Robbie Alomar not get in? This next statement may offend some people but the truth hurts sometimes. I would pick Barry Larkin as my shortstop 10 times out of 10 over Ozzie Smith. Ozzie had a 978 career fielding percentage and Barry had 976. Barry had more range than Ozzie believe it or not and the hitting stats are not even comparable. Ozzie hit over 300 ONE time in his career of 19 years while Barry hit 305 for his career of 19 years. Ozzie just had flash and pizzaz. As for Alomar I think he may be the best 2nd baseman of the past 30 years and I believe he will get in next year but he should have been a first ballot. PLEASE voters get it right next year and dont forget to put Blylevin in either. I dont think everybody and their brother should get in but these are truly deserving individuals.
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Posted on: January 3, 2010 3:17 pm

NFL Competition Policy/Teams resting starters

I have been mulling this issue over for a couple weeks now and here is my take on it. I believe the owner/Gm/coach have the final say on what team they put on the field. The main objective is to win the Super Bowl and if they feel their chances increase by resting players then that is how it should be. I have one major problem however with teams totally "laying down" and the Colts/Jets game is my prime example. With no disrespect to the Jets when all they have to do is win to get in and the Colts lay down that is really screwing the other teams that are say 8-7 playing each other ecspecially when one of those 8-7 teams probably had to play the Colts in a game which they (the colts) put their best team on the field. With that said I just dont see being able to dictate what players a team puts on the field and there is really no way to regulate it.

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